How to verify my shop?

Verifying your storefront brings many new features and allows you to request to withdraw money, you will also appear higher in search results and appear in the verified sections of applicable listings.

  1. To begin your verification process please click here or alternatively navigate to your account settings and click on 'Verify'.
  2. Enter your full legal name, this is the name of the person who is liable for all workings of your storefront. Your normal account can be in a different name, however.
  3. Enter your shop name, this must be the legal name of your company and will be used in due-diligence and verification. If you are self-employed or are an independent shop owner please enter the name you first registered your shop with.
  4. Enter your business number and/or incorporation number, if you are self-employed or an independent shop owner you can enter 'N/A' or skip this step.
  5. Please enter your full legal address, for companies this will be your day to day address and where customers can send you returns, for self-employed individuals or independent shop owners this would be your home address. Please note you cannot use virtual or P.O. Box addresses.
  6. Please enter a valid phone number, include a country code, for example if you are in U.S.A you'd enter your phone number as +112345678. We use your phone number in case we need to verify certain details, send you updates or contact you to prevent fraud.
  7. To assist us better and make the process of verification faster, please upload your articles of incorporation or business registration documents. This is not necessary but will speed up the process of verifying you.
  8. Please accept both the Seller Policy and confirm you have the right permissions and/or licenses to sell the products.

After you have submitted the form, it can take up to 7 days to fully review and verify you. If we have any further questions we will contact you either by e-mail or phone.

Last updated on 20th June 2020
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